Krista Marie Bennett


Body-Centered Mental Health Practitioner

I have been studying Stress and Trauma effects on the body since 2012, and have become certified as a Trauma Support Specialist.

Along with this field, I have also studied and received certifications in various forms of energy medicine and movement.

My Energy Medicine integrations include aspects of Reiki, Qigong, Yoga, Reflexology, and Meditation.

I combine these two fields with highly researched and widely accepted practices that are known to reduce and heal PTSD, and other anxiety disorders.

The process I use is comparable to Somatic Psychotherapy and the Hakomi method.

My Bookshelf + My Teachers

• Fa Jun Shakya

• Peter A. Levine

• Bessel van der Kolk

• J Eric Gentry

• Robert Rhoton

• Judith Lewis Herman

• Viktor E. Frankl

• Ming-Dao Deng

• Carlos Castaneda

• Kenneth S. Cohen

• Ken Wilber

• Ron Kurtz

• Kurt Vonnegut

• Sylvia Plath

• Rebecca Solnit

• Erica Jong

• Betty Friedan

• Elizabeth Gilbert

• Heather Ash Amara

• Jon Ronson

• Lundy Bancroft

• Christopher Moore

• Jen Sincero

• Lao Tzu



• Certified Trauma Support Specialist

• Certificate in Somatic Approach

• Certified Reiki Master/ Teacher

• Certified Meditation Teacher

• Reflexology Certificate

• Life Coaching Certificate

Ongoing Study

• Medical QiGong

• Acupressure

• Aromatherapy

• Yoga

Art Therapies

• Spiritual Jewelry

• Guided Beading Meditations