Krista Marie Bennett

Bodywork Therapist, Teacher, Artist, Mother

My Certificates:

  • Reiki Master/ Teacher
  • Meditation
  • Reflexology
  • Coaching

My Continued Study:

  • Medical QiGong
  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy

My Art:

  • Spiritual Jewelry
ABOVE: This is me probably at about 6 years old, absolutely thrilled to finally get a turn with the cat puppet!

Bits of My story; the beginning and middle...

I've heard it said many times that often our paths change when we experience huge events in our lives... what used to serve us, no longer makes sense, and that what used to be important, no longer holds our attention.

This rings very true for me.

I grew up with the deep desire to pull pain and suffering out of people's lives. You might scoff, but it's true. I spent a great deal of my early childhood in hospitals. My brothers disability requiring many surgeries, turned hospitals into familiar and comfortable territory. I spent lots of time feeding the children of the PICU their hospital food as if I was their nurse.

How does one become an empath? Is it nature or nurture? My early childhood has me wondering which it was that made me an empath. But empath I am, and being such, I was very interested in the human condition. In high-school I studied and taught the Bible. In college I was curious about and made a hobby out of learning and discussing philosophy, sociology, and theology. Later, I became a home health aid and assisted with daily life skills in hospice.

And, when the time came, I embraced and adored motherhood, holistically and naturally.

That's when life became blurry... I put aside all my "hobby jobs" for schedules, "real" work, meetings, cooking, cleaning, rent and bills. I worked sales job after sales job, losing more and more of myself to the daily hustle. Trying to fit myself into the recognizable, definable box. Survival was my purpose.

When my little family found ourselves having to deal with traumatic life events, life turned upside down.

I remember that day, looking up at the horizon of mountains that surround the bay area in California, as if I hadn't seen them in months. In fact, I probably hadn't looked up at them for years. I had forgotten the beauty of life.

My search for a way to heal the effects of trauma began immediately. Not only to heal the scars of inescapable traumatic life events, but to heal the trauma of living a life without passion.

Overnight my curiosity for holistic healing therapies had become a driving force. I recalled years of theological study, began burning candles and sage, and throwing salt with intention. I sought out mentors and teachers to find a way to bring peace back after trauma. I studied the body’s reactions to stress and ways to combat holding on to anger and fear.

Through the years, I have studied several therapies, that not only helped restructure my life and my daughter's life, it brought a deeper level of joy and gratitude for the incredible life I get to live. I'm excited to share these gifts with you!

Reiki, Reflexology, Meditation, Acupressure, Medical QiGong, Aromatherapy, Spiritual Jewelry, Crystals, and various Scriptures... These studies have all helped me develop a unique understanding of the human condition, and how to move the energies in the body to promote healing and growth.

Life is tragic and beautiful. I can help you walk that line with passion!

Because, often our paths change when we experience huge events in our lives. What used to serve us, no longer makes sense. What used to be important, no longer holds our attention.

And this is where growth begins.

A little about Qi Lin the Chinese Unicorn

Right now I'm enjoying the unicorn as a symbol of my methods, because the unicorn not only represents unbridled joy, passion, and the divine power that nurtures and protects all things; it also represents healing from suffering.

The Qi Lin, also thought of as the "Chinese Unicorn" is known as a gentle a peaceful creature that will "walk on clouds" to avoid hurting the grass. The Qi Lin represents prosperity and luck, and is used in Feng Shui as protection for the pure of heart.


Life is fun. Don't forget that!

Hold gratitude in your heart (as often as you can), and never be afraid to play!